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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

This is which

To us, graduation is a family affair. I cannot remember a time when I had wished for some parent's presence during school activities. Really. Because they are always there. If not both, either of my parents has always attended our school activities which require their presence. How much more the Graduation Day of my youngest sister. It is no different, maybe even more special because of the fact that she's been in College for 6 years (due to course shifting) and her finishing a 4-year course at last, is a big thing to be thankful for and calls for some celebration. Truly, everyone in the family would not want to miss it for the world, especially my parents. (Will post some her Grad pics next time)

And we-my mother and I – already cracked a plan to answer our babysitting need for my son (or the lack of it). My father will attend to the day ceremonies of my sister’s graduation day, while my mother will stay at home to care for Matt. In the afternoon, they will be bringing my son along but I have to meet them and pick up my son before Graduation Rites has started. Doable, alright.

So as arranged, I worked during my shift. I told my officemates about our dilemma and they were very understanding (even told me to leave by 1PM but an advice I didn’t heed for the reason that I still need to ask my boss’ approval lest he gets icky). But I was out of the office before the clock ticks 2PM. And I was able to relieve my mother from babysitting before the 1st note of the marching tune is played.

To entertain my son for next hours, I decided to dash to the nearest kid’s place in the mall, a play place called Wonderland. My son had the grandest time playing with the cars…picking up blocks of all colors..flipping the plastic doors of the toy kitchen…and repeatedly climbing up the 10-step stairway (which leads to another play area, similar to a balcony) ..and for one moment there, I thought he must have simply forgotten all about me. Here are some of his pics in the Wonderland.

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