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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

That was

I've been meaning to write about the holy week (oooops, I mean the holy days because this is not exactly a 7-day account) that was, had I not been sidetracked with that bowling thing. So here goes:

Maundy Thursday. My hubby came home. But he was not feeling too well. In fact, he had a 39C fever . Ahh, I was not feeling too good myself too (emotionally, that is).

So glad he’s feeling a little better by the time I got home from work.

Good Friday. Time to have an early morning walk (Matt, hubby and I did). Time for some introspection. Time for my hubby to bond with my son (I really didn't mind doing the house work just so hubby could have some quality time with son). Later in the afternoon, hubby was still babysitting with Matt, leaving me with a little time to watch a film.

All in all, I had a very quiet and relaxed day, today being one of my restdays and all.

Black Saturday. Went to visit my mother in-law’s grave with Matt and hubby (also with us were his sisters and her sister’s 2 kids).

Then, we went to the mall to buy Matt his dream toy, a car(of course!). He’s been so fascinated with cars, small or big. The biggest one, the size of a regular shoe box and a gift from Tita Joi2 has long been wrecked (but which my mother tied to hold the parts in places). Despite this, I saw him at one time sitting and mock-driving the poorly re-assembled toy. Aware of this fondness, his father after coming from a business trip promised to buy him one. But we never got to buy him this the last time hubby was home. And although we have an agreement not to bring or buy Matt toys or similar gifts everytime he comes home (afraid that this would give my son the wrong message in the future), we decided to loosen up this “rule” for once. So off we raided the toystore ( I swear I became a child again as I scanned the racks and racks of toys in wide-eyed awe).

Three hours later, we came home with nothing but goodies exclusively for Matt, who was already so tired after that mall trip.

Easter Sunday. Attended mass with my family and had a nourishing and delicious lunch at my mother’s brother’s place. So delicious that my son kept on saying “yummy.” After that, I dashed to the office, to work. And yes, I was busting my ass in the office (and getting myself starved) while my sister Joi2 had her late graduation-slash-thanksgiving party.
When I came home, the last of her guests were about to leave.

Monday. Hubby and I went to purchase some supplies for my son in the morning. Went to work in the afternoon (first half of my shift), actually I availed a half-shift emergency leave today ( thanks to the next shift duty who said yes to my request for him to report 4 hours earlier of his shift) because my hubby will be sailing back to Cebu tonight.


Belated Happy Easter to All. I hope everyone had a refreshing Holy Week (or holy days) or weekend or whatever.

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