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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


A situation has arise and I am in dire straits.

My sister will be graduating tomorrow. Her day would start earlier than usual, at 8AM when she will be attending the Baccalaurreate Mass, then the Hooding ceremony and the Graduation rites in the afternoon. My parents are expected to join her in all these ceremonies. But my son is not going. He cannot attend the affair because ten-year old and below children are not allowed in the venue. So my parents will not be bringing him with them.

In the absence of my parents and sister, the only logical thing to do is for me to babysit my son. But, but..

Tomorrow, like days within this work week, I will be reporting for the morning shift. I could easily avail a vacation leave(VL) if not for the NO-VL policy implementation starting this week (a week before the Holy Week) til the the May election (critical days which tech peeps in the company are required to be more than vigilant with the network). Availing one would get me sanctioned and this would tarnish (if not already tarnished! haha) my 201 file. And I simply cannot risk it. So this leaves me with only a couple of unappealing options: to bring him to the office with me or re-adjust my schedule to graveyard shift. I am not so keen with the latter, and all the more with the former!

So what then?

1 comment:

grace said...

a toddler in the office spells trouble!!