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Saturday, December 22, 2007

What Happened?

I logged in to my PPP account this morning and look what greeted me at this early hour.

Zeroes! Or is it is spelled as zeros? Whatever happened to PPP system this morning? I'm not so concerned with the Have Been Paid but I couldn't say that about the Will Be Paid. E-te-thank you nlang ba 'to? Knowing me, you can just imagine the chill that crept into my veins. I panicked and automatically clicked My Posts.

Boy, I'm just relieved everything's still there. I can deal with the incorrect stats later but I cannot imagine if everything and all of my unpaid posts disappeared through thin air, too.

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WorksForMom said...

Oh no, say it ain't so!

Che said...

Ganyan din sa akin mamah! I sent ticket already ! May hunghang siguro naglaro ng code nila preho ng gg ba!!

btw,Merry Christmas mamuah! I hope you & your bugoys will have a great one! (((Hugses)))

maulahi ang snow as pramis,hehe


Melanie said...

PPP has been running so slow today-so apparently they are having some problems.

Regina said...

I hope that your Christmas shopping is all done! Sorry, I'm sure that your PPP will be corrected shortly!

ZJ said...

Hi Zam... You better clear it out with PPP. Dili baya sayon ang magsulat ug paid post! I just came back from my travels and was surprised to find out nga na-zero na akong PR. What to do?
Anyways, I hope you have a fun Christmas with your boys! :D

sandierpastures said...

Quite the opposite for me, as recently, I have been paid for all the posts I made. Now I don't have any payment pending with them and I am not doing PPP anymore.

maiylah said...

been a while since I visited them .. hahaha. tapulan jud ko! maybe the next few days nalang when I have more time ... :)

hope ok na this time!

~Yen~ said...

I'm sure it will be corrected sa PPP baka probs lang ng system pero jus ko ako makuyapan jud

Hope you had a fab Christmas there!

Francine said...

that was my problem too the other day and i did sent them an email.buti na lang they responded me kaagad and asked for an apology so everything is fine with my account now

Tiff said...

I must not be with it these days. what is PPP???

**"Liza"** said...

ok that is scary nga.. It didnt happened to me though..well Im sure the will do something about that.. ;)

Serena said...

Whoa, I didn't get that nor see that. It seems ok now. But PPP does seem to load extremely slow for the past week now.