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Friday, December 07, 2007

Thoughts on Care Homes

In a country where the sense of familial responsibility, including taking care of aged family members, is strongly encouraged by parents (to their children), care homes are not an “in” thing here. In fact, the mere mention of bringing relatives in care homes will not just elicit an are-you-crazy kind of look, it could cause major conflict in the family.

Reality is, getting aged parents or relatives in a care home is not even considered an option here because the norm is for able children or relatives to do the caring. Or in most cases, especially for well-off families, hiring a nursing aid or maid to carry out this responsibility, is commonplace but definitely not putting them in a nursing home.

Truthfully, I, for one, will never consider this an option for my parents. And it’s not because that is expected of me but because I know I will be happy doing that for the people who have given me everything and who have made me ME.

How about you, what are your thoughts on this issue?

By the way, if you you have questions about caring for the members of our family or yourselves, there’s a forum at Bettercaring where you can discuss your concerns, ask questions and share your experiences.


Serena said...

Hello Zam,

During my parent's time, my mother cared for her parents in-law until they passed away. Even though she was a full time secular worker outside the house.

As for me, my parents are still working even though they have reached retirement age but I support this decision favorably if it keeps them occupied and mentally alert.

I think my folks are very independent but my husband and I will move in with them with them if the need arises. :)

PS: I too smiled at that photo. :D


Sonya said...

Hubby and I determined early on that it was our responsibility to care for our parents if ever they were unable. We would never put them in a nursing home, care home, or any place away from us. They cared for us for many years and we feel it our duty to return that love and care. So, if and when the time ever comes, they will be moved in with us so that we might care for their every need.