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Sunday, December 09, 2007

u-n-f-a-i-r Change in Blogger

I got a comment from a friend few days ago, asking if I restricted "comments" from non-Blogger accounts. I actually did not.

It's because the OTHERS option on the comment page went MIA. Just when I was getting the hang of using the OTHERS option when commenting to Blogger/Blogspot blogs, it suddenly went "pop" through thin air. It's gone without a trace. Just like that. You might have noticed it too when commenting to Blogger/Blogspot blogs.

This is the new Blogger comment page:

See, it's all gone. No more OTHERS option which one could conveniently use to direct traffic to one's blog with just one click (and not redirected to a blogger profile).

But I've fixed it using the OpenID system (I hope ;D). For instructions on how to enable OpenID support for your Blogger/Blogspot blogs, visit this link.


UPDATE: I actually assumed that getting an OpenID account is enough to make a direct link to my blog when I leave comments in Blogger/Blogspot blogs. I was wrong. Slightly. Because before I could do that, I need to do a little tweaking in my HTML code.

BUT. Again, I found a very helpful post that walked me through the process of making what I want possible. Thanks Debbie!

Then again, this will only work to Blogger blogs that have OpenID support. If a blog has none, there's no other way to leave a direct link other than to include your link in the body of your comment (like what Melanie did here). Also, even with OpenID, I still think it best to do this in case there's a downtime with MyOpenID site.

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Melanie said...

I did a little research on this the other day too- wondering why all of a sudden there was no where for non-blogger users to sign in. I think I'm going to try testing the Open ID thing too. I don't usually mind change, but I'm not so sure this was a good one.

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nodirecton said...

Thanks for mentioning my post on how to enable OpenID support on Blogger/Blogspot blogs.

Here's another post, that may be helpful to you or your visitors when the want to delegate their blog- or site-URL to their OpenID.

Kind regards,

sandierpastures said...

I was about to ask you too but then I found out from other blogger blogs that all are the same. I hate the changes.

Google definitely wants to rule the world and I darn hate it.

Raquel said...

WOw, this is cool Zen! Thank you for the information. I will make an account now at Open ID.

Raquel said...

Zen I forgot something...I like your new layout, cool ah.

Raquel said...

I'm here again Zen playing in your comment box. I tried but it doesn't work on my end eh. I will try to use using my OpenID.

Tiff said...

THanks for the infor zen!! I got my own account. We'll see if it works!

Debbie Dolphin said...

There is a new concern with the security of Blooger OpenID.
Please visit OpenID Phishing Pirates Burn Joan of the Blog for solutions to OpenID Phishing (Identity theft) problems.

zamejias said...

Raq, if its commenting that you want..insert the code to your HTML body..and when commenting choose WORDPRESS in the drop-down menu, and supply your URL (start with http://) as the BLOG NAME. It should work that way. Am currently doing this with this comment.

If it still won't work, tell me kai I'll try to help, as much as I can.

maiylah said...

I don't like the change, too ... :(

but i like your new template ... is that header a shot of the river in Bohol (forgot the name, sorry jud!)? :)


Cecily R said...

My son wanted to make a comment on my blog recently and he doesn't have an account. He just put his name in the Nickname box and it worked perfectly!

Sandy Carlson said...

I guess it's a pain to add the permalink coding, but it's a way around this hassle. explains it very simply.

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