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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Introducing EarthFrisk's Meta – Social Search Engine

Good news! is introducing an alternative search engine and page ranking system by creating the first Meta – Social Search Engine.

So what’s new with this Search Engine? Apart from providing results –integrated or separate - from Yahoo, MSN, Google and other search engines, has created an improved engine that limits spam down at minimum.

What's interesting, to me, is with this engine, is paving the way to a ranking based on what the community thinks. Yes, it is introducing a new CV rating using a color value (CV) that is dependent on “real responses and comments by your peer.” This means that no one – definitely, not any company, can lower the rating of websites, blogs and people at will. Now I wonder what the Big G will say to that.


Che said...

Hey!this is good :)

eph2810 said...

Wow - that indeed is interesting. I think I will check it out. I am not so sure how the page ranking works from 'Big G' (love how you have used that - lol)...Thanks for sharing this resource.