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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Few Of My Favorite Things

Found this meme @ Melanie's and I thought to give this a go. So, few of my favorite things are:

My family. I always look forward to family outings/gatherings. And love it most when my cousins bring their kids, who join Matt in producing earth-shaking noises laughter.

Hot Choco. And teas. I'm longing for a cup of thick and creamy hot choco now.

CDs. VCDs. Music players. Music, music, music. Gregorian to Evanescence to Kenny Rogers to Josh Groban. *wink*

Slippers. They make my feet prone to sun damage, but...

Soft Tee- like this one from MNG. But being a cheapskate, I don't have brand preferences. If it's cheap and functional, great.

Books. If I have the time, I'd be contented reading all day. Really. I did that one too many times before -long before Matt -then blogging came to this world. I haven't done much of this (book reading) lately; the last one I read was about Fidel Castro and his daughter and that was 5 months ago. Anyway, there's going to be a reading activity in the Blogosphere set on January 10, 2008 that I'm participating in. For more info visit this site.

Internet. Period. ;D

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Scribbit said...

I'm with you on the hot chocolate thing, it's my favorite!

Sonya said...

This is a great one! I'm gonna do this one! I am with you on the hot cocoa, internet, reading time, family, well, all of your answers! LOL! I love flip flops (slippers) too!

Melissa said...

All my favorite things, too!

Cecily R said...

I wear flip flops (slippers) in the winter. It drives my husband nuts. I love how eclectic your music preferences are!

WorksForMom said...

And these are all the reasons we puffy heart you Zam!

What a beautiful family BTW.

Melanie said...

I love hot chocolate too!

And, obviously the internet ;)

Our Happy Happenings

Che said...

Love MNG,too but I don't mind getting stuff from Divisoria as well,lol

me,too me too love choco drink:)


Anonymous said...

Hi Z--family is so important and, like you, hot choco is a fave. Internet---takes up a lot od time (smile).

Thank you for sharing!

Raquel said...

I am in with family gatherings and wow! cup of thick and creamy hot choco. That is perfect here Zen, ang lamig na dito.