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Saturday, December 15, 2007

More Sights in UK

I always think of England as a place where the old and new structures altogether create a distinct charm that is timeless -and priceless (sa lakbit nga pagkasulti, mahal kaayo mobiyahe didto!). So, here are more sights in the UK.

In Newcastle:

Above is the spectacular Gateshead Millennium Bridge, the world's first and only tilting bridge.

With a height of 65ft (more than the height of double decker buses) and width of 175ft (more than the Statue of Liberty’s height), the Angel of the North is an awe-inspiring modern sculpture made of weather-resistant steel containing copper.

Other spots to see are Newcastle Castle, The Quayside, Cathedral of St. Nicholas and other museums and parks. Interested? You could also check the list of Newcastle hotels nearest the spot that appeals to you.

In Cardiff:

Millennium Stadium

Aside from Cardiff Castle, the Millennium Stadium, which is used to house rugby and football games, is a famous landmark in Cardiff with its 72,000-plus seats and sliding roof. The most memorable game held here was a game in 2006 when Wales won the rugby Grand Slam by beating Ireland. The Stadium is also a venue to music concerts of artists such as The U2, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Robbie Williams, The Rolling Stones and Madonna.

Cardiff Castle

Other spots to see are Llandaff Cathedral, The Welsh Regiment Military Museum at Cardiff Castle and numerous beautiful parks and gardens. Interested? You may want to check the list of Cardiff hotels nearest the spot that appeals to you.

In Leeds:

The Chair, a stunning work of art made of decommissioned AK-47 guns by sculptor Kester, can be found in one of the galleries in the Royal Armouries Museum, which is the oldest museum in the UK and one of the oldest museums in the world.
This museum displays the British national collection of arms and armor.

Henry Moore Institute

Other must-see museums in Leeds are the Henry Moore Institute which has a wide range of displays, not limited to but mostly sculpture collections; the Armley Mills, formerly one the largest wool mills in the world; and the Thackray Museum, which is one of the UK’s leading museums and tells the story of medicine and its development. (The Having A Baby gallery at Thackray is something I want Matt to see because I know one day I have to tell him what it’s like to be pregnant.)
Are you interested? You could check the list of Leeds hotels nearest the spot that appeals to you.


Melanie said...

These pictures are just beautiful!

Regina said...

WOW, Those are some awesome pictures. I love the castle! Very cool!