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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Busier and Happier

After being away for almost two years, my younger brother's back home.

Needless to say, everyone is just too happy to see him - ecstatic may even be the right word. Matt is really thrilled to see him and they instantly hit it off like a house on fire. ;D

His is just a short vacation before he goes back to SoKor. But that's better than none at all. And it's also a blessing because he'll be able to celebrate his birthday with us next month.

My mother's really busy preparing meals - isn't she always? ;D - and I guess in the coming days, I'll be busier, too. But happier.

It just feels good to hear his baritone voice again. It's been awhile.

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Melissa said...

Cute picture. Enjoy your brothers stay.

Sonya said...

My brother is only three and a half hours away. We aren't close like we were as kids either.

I think it's great that your brother is around and able to spend some time. That has to be a huge blessing!

Melanie said...

It's wonderful that he is able to visit. I love the picture!

Raquel said...

Welcome home bro...Happy Christmas din, salo salo ang buong pamilya.