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Friday, December 14, 2007

Me = Fuzzy @ The Moment

You do not want to read this. If you’re looking for a sunshine-y post, there’s just none at the moment. Sorry.

Right at this minute, I am toying with the idea of packing my things in my bag and leaving the office. It’s 2:47AM here but so what. Badly.

My head is spinning. I’m not just feeling well –physically, emotionally and mentally- now. And maybe psychologically, too. ;D

I would like to blame that on the antibiotics I had taken earlier today (and you know how I hate medicines let alone antibiotics). Or to the task I have at hand; I am actually chest-deep with work it’s driving me nuts. Or all of the above.

And where is my shift partner? He is nowhere in sight. Should I activate all our alarm panels and pretend I, in my sleep-deprived and clumsy state accidentally triggered the alarms ? I could use some extra pair of hands -or brain right now. Did I do something wrong, for him to leave me without prior notice. Or did aliens from Mars land in the office while I was unaware and abducted him? I’m…I’m…Irritated (with people from Mars? ;D)– but that could be an understatement.

Why, oh why am I working now? I shouldn’t have come to work.

Should I leave now? Yes? No? I have a hundred and one plausible explanations. And I could come up with more.

Seriously, I am pushing the idea back at the farthest corner of my mind but it just keeps on popping back. It’s a very tempting prospect at this instant, that’s why I’m trying to rationalize things chill and weigh my actions –yes, by blogging. Hah!

The scorecard of the Trooper Me Vs. Tired/Fed-up Me battle says 1 in favor of Tired Me. Didn't I just tell you that for the past 24 hours or more, I only had two hours of sleep. I really am not too happy working graveyard shift - and there are researches that say those working at night have high risk of getting cancer. Tsk... But oh, God I'm not making any sense (but when did I ever?). Forgive me. I'm not even sure if I've constructed my sentences correctly now. How many words did I misspelled.

But tell me all about it tomorrow because my five minutes is up and I have to scoot and decide. Or should I say, decide to scoot?


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Melanie said...

Oh- wow- I sure hope things are going better for you. I hope you're able to get some sleep.

Tag- you're it- come check out the Christmas Hoopla on my blog. Only if you're up to it though.

And guess what google did to my PR? Yup- it's gone.

Sandy C. said...

Sorry to hear...I hope you get some much needed rest. I had no idea about the cancer risk and working nights. I did that for years working 7pm-7am in the hospital :(