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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Online Wonders

I really marvel at what one can do online. With just a tap on the keyboard, one can shop, play, study, see the world, and get in touch with families living miles away –and all without moving an inch (discounting body movements while seated). So convenient, it’s really amazing.

I have even enrolled to a bank few days ago, without the hassles of actually getting to the bank and queuing. Online, I did all that.

And today, I learned that one could get a loan just as easily. Whether it is a personal loan, pay day loan or car loan, I just cannot believe it’s so easy to apply for any of that these days.


Regina said...

You can do just about ANYTHING on line these days!! It is liberating, easy, conveinent, and a little scary!
You have to be so carful when on line doing personal stuff.

Tiff said...

It's amazing! I do everything online except take a shower and get dressed. LOL! I have been known (when I was on bedrest) to do my grocery shopping online!