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Friday, March 23, 2007

Spaces and commas..

As of this posting, I am not sure what to say. I have plenty of thoughts in my mind now, but not sure how I'd say them. I need to sort these before they come stampeding and getting in control of my actions.

I miss my son, terribly! Hearing him say Mama over the phone is pure bliss (although nothing compares seeing him in person). I have heard him say "Bobby" (new name referring to Pooh Bear) and "Vroom-vroom" (the car) while talking over the phone and these means so much to me because I know how he loves these things..and just being associated with them is wonderful.

The past few days were not so sunny. Times when one needs more than what is at hand. The feeling of wanting something but couldn't have it (sometimes, because you couldn't exactly tell what it is..haha!). It gets so frustrating. Gets to my nerves. And gets me withdrawn. Moments, those moments when I cannot feel good about myself. But these past few days, and when I got those, I kept reminding myself that "hey, this is just now" because I feel it is important to acknowledge that I was just going through a phase at some points in my life (but that I won't be in it forever..)..The "now-and-present-but-not-tomorrow" concept works just fine.

And I am closer to home. One more day...and I'll be home.

And yes, I am feeling a little better by just writing these..Haha!


grace said...

Naids I know it's but natural to miss your son very much..I know the feeling! But when I read the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, I felt that I was so family/spouse centered and it was not too good. My happiness depended solely in my centers and it was not doing me good. Read the book it will make you feel better. Of course, after getting that much awaited hugs from baby Matt!

ZAM said...

Will do..Been looking for the ZZiglar book but it's out of stock! Maybe some branches of National may have it..