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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Part2: Beware!

This might come in handy. So I'm sharing lessons I learned the hard way.


- Be suspicious to over enthusiastic salesmen. That man from AOWA was super enthusiastic while making a scripted too-good-to-be-true offer, looking unnatural and almost foolish; but he has to improve his acting and his script.LOL.
- Be suspicious to too-good-to-be-true offers. Don’t be conned into believing to high interest rates and high return of your investment (usually networking schemes). Be contented with small yet stable and reliable returns.

- Trust your instinct (and my instinct says there’s something shady with the man opening the boxes one by one with the pretext of just inspecting the mugs; if the sole intention is to give, then everything should have been handed to us. Why, oh, why would a salesman open--trying not to get noticed in the process of doing so-- the boxes if there’s nothing in there except a mug?

- No legit company would offer 3 products for free if each of their products is reasonably priced. I cannot think of Sony, for example, doing this.(Man from AOWA offered us 2 products for free, even changed it to 3, saying the additional 1 product free is because of the points we would earn if we use a credit card. What?!? As if I didn’t read the credit-card company mechanics!

- And again, no legit company would offer a free anything with a silent “if” at the end. i.e. Win 100k prize, “if” you purchase this or that!

- Why would you show your prospective clients the Official Receipts of the sales you made (deciding on the thickness of the pad of ORs, their clients were sparse in number..and to think these are ORs issued since the start of this year)? If this is not a desperate move, of trying to prove that he is making an offer of a lifetime and that they have clients too, then tell me what it is. So why does that man from AOWA feel he need to prove anything?

- If already suspicious, keep your questions to yourself and leave ASAP. It is pointless to stay and ask questions because the people there will always do what they are paid to do: trick you into false beliefs until you give in and they get what they want from you. (As I said we lost precious time and we were already starving when we walked out of their showroom!)

- Given that we must have looked dumb (why else would the salesperson give us the coupon at the entrance of the mall if we didn’t look like willing victims to their sham store), but we’re not completely na├»ve.

ME: I am not all-knowing (and cannot pretend to be otherwise) but what little I have (applies to material and nonmaterial), I use conscientiously. And I learned that the moment a person starts to think he knows everything is the start of his doom. I believe (thinking you know everything) is the dumbest thought one can conceive.

And what I do know is I will always need help. That is why I ask – opinions of the people who matters to me and the people who knows. Be it on matters of little importance or to life-changing ones. I read, almost anything (although my memory plays trick on me sometimes), reviews ( when I wanted to buy make comparisons), baby books (read it with my son), atbp. And I research. Small things, big things.

BEING ME: A couple of days after the mall incident, I did run a search in the internet about AOWA and their product lines and I chanced on this site with similar complaints of AOWA’s underhanded marketing manipulation.

And I think to myself, we’re so lucky that we read GOD’s signs correctly that day in the mall.

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