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Monday, March 12, 2007

random thoughts

Very early this morning, I lie in bed staring at the shadows on the ceiling...Immobile.. And I keep on thinking that far across the continent my husband is doing the same. The irony is he must have been so excited to board his flight of the day (back to the Philippines), looking forward to the next few hours; while I'm here trying not to dwell on my flight in the afternoon that will bring me away from Matt, and willing myself to stop thinking of lonely thoughts..

I am working against time...but I promise myself not to cry (although I'm already in the verge of giving in to refreshing tears this morning while cleaning our room)..

I will terribly miss my son. I am already aching now..Few more hours and I will be boarding my flight... Argh, I am an emotional wreck.


Happy wedding anniversary to my husband of three years.

Thanks for always telling me you love me…even if I’m mad and difficult and even if you feel bad..

Thanks for the patience, for being the 1st one to give in and the last one to complain.

Thanks for the humor, the saving grace when we are in an uncomfortable situation like me going ballistic.

And thanks for always taking care of our needs. I love you very much.

1 comment:

grace said...

senti!! Happy Anniversary Naids! May you have many more to come and continue to fill in each others needs!