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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Some thoughts

There’s no occasion but I feel that I need to treat my parents to fine dining. In my growing up years, we never do this because dining out was a luxury we cannot afford what with 5 kids going to school (raising money to send us to school was the main concern of my parents then and trust me, we barely had enough cash even for some needs).
Now, even if I still consider dining out a luxury (and I am not moneyed enough for this extravagance..but maybe, once in a while), I can always adjust my budget and come up with an excuse to be extravagant esp. when it comes to my parents who have sacrificed far more of their needs so that our (me and my siblings) needs will be met. Now that’s reason enough to celebrate, right?

Café Laguna. Sumptuous meal. A perfect treat to the palate. My parents love their mouth-watering dishes (and seeing them beaming with joy is worth every peso I spent, so I’d rather forget about the amount).

++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++

After our lunch, we headed to the grocery store to purchase some groceries and we spotted the AOWA salesmen (holding out coupons to shoppers) again. I have been planning of making copies of the “complaints” I’ve read in the Internet about them and handing the copies to these salesmen (I would like to see the look on their faces, given the situation) but I totally forgot to bring printed copies (some other time, I promised myself to do just that).

Now seeing them makes me think that there’s a lot to be thankful for in my life.
My job, for one. I am so blessed that I am not in those salesmen shoes. That I have a dignified job (although sometimes it bores me) with a pretty decent company that pays us well, Pilipinas-standard (because outside the Phils., I know telco peeps are paid more so let me turn a blind eye for now..heheh..just for this particular post) is one of the many things to be thankful for.

Indeed, life in the Philippines is real hard; anybody would make a shot at deceiving people just so they will survive.

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