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Friday, March 30, 2007

Creamy goodness!

I am back. Back to Blogworld. But with nothing worth writing to tell. Except that I have been very busy. Since the morning I arrived from Cebu. Yup, I have rerouted my supposed flight to CDO, to Cebu - where I spent a day and a night before I sailed home with hubby last Saturday. And we had the whole clan to meet us. We thought that my father's the only one to pick us up but we had a pleasant surprise because my mother, my sister and my son came too. Glorious day, that Saturday, the homecoming.

And I've been real busy since then. But good thing, I have hubby to help me get things done (and to entertain a very active kid) even for just a couple of days. Clean the house. Wash clothes, shoes, toys and more. Look for the lost arm and head of Redman. Hmm, fixing toys is one of my favorite past time these days. Play and play with son to make up for some lost time.

I am back. Back to the old grind. To my reality. And it is easier to remember that I do not own my time here. Because the kid who is calling out "Mama" and demanding my attention does. But it feels so good to be back. To smell the milky scent in our room again is pure heaven.

I am home. And saying "home" has a wonderful ring to it.


grace said...

welcome back home!! hmmm, you sound fishy passing by Cebu first!! hahaha...some quality time with hubby huh!

Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.