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Friday, March 02, 2007


My father paid me a compliment regarding my driving ability last night. Fine. Cool.

But waaaaaaaa, I cannot play cool and just forget about it. Feels good. Because my father doesn’t give compliments just so he can please you (or that you will be pleased). Truth is, it means a lot to me especially that it is coming from my No. 1 critic. So let me bask in the warmth of his praise even for just a moment.

Talk about bolstering my courage. Really, it gives me enough courage to continue to take the wheel and drive during peak hours. I’m really not so keen on driving at this time when you are bumper-to-bumper and door-to-door with other motorists, and more so because I am in a place where discipline is the last thing on every driver’s mind and “yield” seem to be a foreign term. Believe me, it is a frightening feat to drive around a city, swarming with drivers who think and drive like they are the “king of the road.”

And that is why I always pick the time of the day when to drive (usually early morning if within the city). And where. And my father added in his no-nonsense tone that this shouldn’t be the case if I wanted to be as adept in driving.

Months ago, when I was still in the Field Ops, I would only agree to driving when we are like more than 30 kms from the city (where you don’t constantly shift gears and step on the brakes). Most of the time, however, my male companion would automatically assume the driver’s seat (and I didn’t mind one bit because it saved us time and asses, mine included!). But I know sooner or later, I will have to muster enough courage to take control of the steering wheel.

And now is the “sooner or later.” I cannot stall more time because weeks ago, my boss insisted that I take the company’s driving accreditation again. No specific date yet, but then I have to be prepared.

I am still not comfortable driving through the traffic in the city. I still tense at the sight of trucks and buses alongside me. But I believe I am learning to slowly conquer myself (fear and all) and the road as well.

1 comment:

grace said...

I truly, truly admire and run out of my "bilib" for people driving in the Philippines. Ask me to drive in Japan or UK but not in Pinas!! You are one gutsy woman but I still pray for your safety!!