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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Just because...

In all my 6 years of working in my present company, I have carefully tried not to look girlish. It hadn’t been like this with my previous job though, when I would purposely put on a little make-up so I would look mature and not like a high-school student gone astray in the production area. But working in a male-dominated workplace (at present)is an entirely different story and that I would gladly be a wallpaper (much safer) than risk getting ogled over or ridiculed. At any rate, I would rather be someone who will tell them who to ogle over (haha).

In my effort to belong, there was even a year that I’ve gotten myself a mean haircut (had my hair shaved to barely an inch-length) just to be one-of-the-guys. This was when there were still 3 female species (including me) among others working in the Switch. When we were merged into the Field Operation, I had all the more reason to stick to the basics. Imagine going to the outskirts and rural areas with some make-up on (esp since working under the scorching heat of the sun was inevitable and carrying equipment was part of the job), I would look kinda funny. (Even dressing up is a rarity because like wearing make-up, it is akin to knocking at their doors naked. It’s best for everyone’s sake to just wear jeans, shirt and a pair of comfortable footwear like a rubber shoes or slippers.) With this job, I have come to believe that part of my responsibility is to be sensible, which is to do away from chances of getting ogled over, be the subject of ridicule, be entirely useless or an additional burden/responsibility to my team mates.

So there is the reason that I don’t wear make-up. And especially not to work, for fear of looking like a pimp among the men in the office. And I just got the hang of it that I also don’t wear make-up even when I go out to the mall or some other place outside my home.

And when I got pregnant, some beauty products had to go, too. I had to stay away from getting in contact with some, too (ask the OB-GYNE..). Some were discarded or given to interested party (like a sister!) and some were left to gather dust in one corner, unused. With this, I spent only a minimal amount for a mild soap, shampoo and conditioner and a baby lotion. Sometimes, I occasionally sprayed on some scent (Can you believe that it’s a For Men version which I later gave to hubby after Matt’s birth!).

I have carried on with this minimalist routine after Matt came (although I already switched perfume, changed my conditioner after the December hairdo). Saves a lot of time (I rarely have time for myself ..and at the rate I’m going I might turn into an old hag in no time..and maybe i already turned into one which may have prompted a friend from saying something similar to that effect when I bumped into her in the mall 4 months ago. And I only smiled and responded with oh-i-couldn't-have-cared-less shrug...but old hag! what a scary,scary thought!) and money (MORE for Matt’s needs and occasional wants). And also, being a first-hand mother to Matt (attends to, plays and sleeps with him), I find it reasonable to be cautious as any contact of unnecessary beauty product (a smell, a lick) might be harmful to a developing infant/toddler. This also protects me from getting exposed to carcinogens (some products may contain cancer-causing chemicals).

That’s why. And these days, I only have a limited number of beauty products in my bag: a lip balm, perfume and a lotion (which I sometimes forget to exist in my bag and forget to use them even when necessary, ick!). I do not need more because I still think nothing beats this very cheap and time-saving maintenance, consisting of: a goodnight sleep (does wonder to the skin but I don’t usually get these except these recent 6 nights); water (helps immensely and is very cheap!) and a happy heart (keeps one aglow, generally!).

But this evening, on my way to buying stomach must-haves, I glanced in the direction of a beauty product line outlet, hanging on its window was the sign that reads 50% OFF. Out of curiosity, I sauntered and looked over their products (although I’m already familiar with some of them). In all fairness, their products are widely used and reasonably priced. To make things short, I got tempted. And oh, I did something silly like giving in to the insanity of buying some.

Even as of this writing, I am not sure whether I will be able to use them. Or that I will just find them in my sister’s kikay kit one day. I would like to think that I do not need them (do I? heheh)..But maybe..just maybe, I might just use some to stop the old hag from showing her head, or should I say, to contain the old hag under a polished veneer!


grace said...

I am not into girlish things too! but you know that already..and besides, no need for make-up because we are naturally pretty! hahaha. Seriously. I'd rather invest in cleaning products/toners/moisturizers and yes, plenty of water than putting tons of makeup to cover up the blemishes!
Bantog diay baby boy you had -- you were inclined to masculine stuff when you were preggers. I was very kikay, extremely, surprisingly! when I was with P. That was the first time in my life I went to work with a bronze-effect, glittering eye shadow, every single day!!

ZAM said...

hahah..di ko kabalo mogamit ug bronzer..! naa rko sa lip/cheek tint ug lipstick kutob...! I agree about the toner/moisturizer but la man ko time ani oi, karon ra jud ko nagka-time away from home..mao nangunot nko! I have gone a stage of totally ignoring my needs kai toa tanan sa anak..You should see me before early December with my xxx length of curly hair nga la jud atiman...patay na raba ang buhok unya la pa jod tarong haircut! Unya I have heard from some officemates ( na dili daw maayo pasagdan pod ang atong kaugalingon blah blah..maybe it's their subtle way of telling me loo look intently in the mirror and pay attention to myself..haha) reason I got the "straight-do"...

Am not sure that if I get home, magamit pa ni akong abobot napalit oi...heheh.. basin sa office ra ni nko ibilin unya gamiton if mag-graveyard..and now that i thought about it, maybe magamit jud if graveyard, 1 duty lang man unya dili man pod bz if la activity...hahaha