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Thursday, March 15, 2007


Low points:

Got in late in the office because I walked my way to the office as if I had all the time in the world, imagine a "slow motion" movie. Hah, trying not to repeat yesterday's ordeal, sweat and all, at the cost of looking so unprofessional. So wrong!

I got lost in the maze of shops in Greenbelt because I was looking for some shop that sells something for the working hand. I have strolled among the A-B crowd of this country feeling like an outsider. Down the string of bars and restos, escalator after escalator,and back again. The persons I asked directions (the guards, salesladies, attendants) were giving me the wrong infos. Feeling defeated, I came back to the hotel.


I dropped by the bookstore again. And had the time of my life reading some books. Ah, I'm such a sucker for books. And although reading for free is a no-no in some bookstores in this country, some actually tolerates it (good!). This habit is a hang-up from college days when we would raid some bookstore just to pass time and read some (saves us from spending cash on books!). I came out with a book for me and another for Matt.

And another highlight is..I found out I can blog again! Not just view my blog but make posts (another wireless tech I'm so grateful for). Monday, I tried to do this but I was unsuccessful. I am sooo ecstatic now. I could happily blog til the morning...

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