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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I don’t feel so good today. I am beset with thoughts. Serious thoughts.

I hope to feel better tomorrow. I hope my vitamins can infuse some inspiration. Some courage.

Lord, help me because I don’t want any part of negativity getting into my system. Please let me be more patient, considerate and understanding.

Help me stretch the iota of love I have so I can envelope myself more and can radiate this love to the people around me; the scrap of forgiveness, to pile up and continually grow until the bucket is brimming. Endlessly.

I know with a prayer I’ll make it through the night.

Goodnight, Barney. Goodnight, Pooh Bear.


Grace said...

kulang lang ka sa hugs and kisses and maybe more(!) naids!!hehehe

ZAM said...

korek! mao jud!!!!heheheh...from Matt..heheh..
the "more" part, ambot langgg...heheh.

grace said...

kaw jud naids,admit it! hehehe

ZAM said...

maybe some..after the red tide!..hahah!