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Monday, March 05, 2007

Grateful feet

I am so into wearing slippers these days. You bet that I don’t just wear them at home. I also wear them to church, to the mall, and to work. Yes, I am so glad I can wear this in the office. They are so handy and they bring me to places these days (and expect that I will be bringing one in my upcoming trip).

I started wearing slippers in the office when I was pregnant (and so cautious). I traded my rubber shoes and low-heeled pumps with a pair of cute Nike, apple green in color that my husband bought for me when he came home after a business trip. I had loved it and expected to get my (actually my hubby’s :p) money’s worth but it didn’t last that long, hardly a year. One of the pair (I couldn’t exactly remember whether it’s the left or right) gave up on me. I still kept the other pair though, for old times’ sake.

I also have tried lighter, thinner Old Navy slippers. But they easily wear out.

Now my penchant for slippers brought me to a local outlet in my place which sells slippers like pancakes. This led me to discover the comforts of wearing a Havaianas. And I’ve switched to Havaianas slip-ons since then.

Like most slippers, they are soft, airy and comfortable (no need to worry about getting blisters on your toes). But unlike most brands, Havaianas’ line is so trendy and colorful; and with a variety of styles and designs to choose from. Boring me likes their plains. But if you're the adventurous and bubbly type, you may opt for upbeat colors and designs which come aplenty. They even have something for toddlers, slippers with a strap at the back to hold the feet in place (but which I don’t recommend because from my experience, it still keeps slippng off my son’s feet despite the strap). And I believe they are durable, too.

I am not paid for this.. but brothers and sisters, if you have a fondness for slippers, go check Or run to the nearest footwear shop in your area and see if they have stocks, you might just be lucky like me.

1 comment:

grace said...

naids, mao ba ni ang slippers nga tag-800 pesos sa ketkai!? sosyala oi! naa pay website!