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Thursday, March 22, 2007


It is true. I have read somewhere that when one feels a void within, nature will find a way to fill it.

Being away from home, I have plenty gaps and spaces waiting to be filled. I have in abundance time by and for myself, everyday. But I have occupied myself with watching tv, reading, writing and blogging.. sometimes, just taking loooong baths..few times, shopping (or window-shopping)..or just plainly enjoying a meal..and catching up on some sleep!

But after the training today, I have not made plans on what to do to fill some gaps. It could be lonelier when I get back to the hotel room because my friend and her sister had gone back to their place before noon.

And then somebody (training classmate) saved me from spending a lonely afternoon in my hotel room by offering to tour me to the Rockwell Powerplant Mall. I have never been there before and I never really cared if I get to see the place, but since spending an afternoon wallowing in misery was not attractive, I gladly accepted the invitation.

After malling, she even accompanied and stayed with me in the hotel room (while waiting for his husband to logged off from work).

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