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Saturday, February 24, 2007

When he sleeps, it is time to run…

I find it hard to focus in simple things that used to be so ordinary (before having Matt) like reading a book, watching tv, eating and more. Everything, these days, is a hurried affair. Thanks to my dear Matt. With a kid around, who makes it his duty to make a lively clutter in our room (and anywhere else he goes in the house), the only respite we have is when he is asleep. Supposedly.

(Swear, it only takes one kid to turn a place in shambles. Amazing! )

But when my son is asleep, I have a thousand things to occupy me. And I know it is the time to get things done, and as quickly as possible (otherwise, the sleeping angel becomes a wailing baby). It really is the time to run. Run around the house and retrace his steps to tidy our place. Arrange things back to their usual places. Pick up pieces of paper among other stuff which were scattered on the floor. Scurry to the kitchen to wash his bottles, teats and baby accessories, get some water boiling and sterilize. Dart to the other side of the kitchen and prepare baby’s food.

In the middle of what-are-you-doing, stop. Stop and tiptoe back to the room to check him.

Gasp! Breathless, aye? Do not forget to bring back the heaps of laundry (only Matt’s clothes because we have cleaners who come to the house and take care of our laundry weekly; but mother is adamant that we wash his clothes separately for good measure). And then start washing his clothes.

I am still in the process of perfecting my act and keeping all these things completed in 2 hours. Seriously speaking.

1 comment:

grace said...

talk about the greatest profession in the world! that of being a mom! I know what you are talking about here! time-attack!!