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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Good news

Since 5PM yesterday, Matt’s temperature has maintained a normal course. God, we have been praying and praying some more for his health. I’ve checked his temp every 4 hours after 5PM (yesterday) til 3 AM this morning. Mercury barely reached 37.5C. Same thing all day today.

But he’s been crankier than yesterday. He wails everytime we put him in his playpen (to maximize the use of the crib, its cushions were removed to turn it into a playpen). And refuses to be left all alone.

But I am not the one to complain. Cranky is better than feverish.


grace f said...

glad lil boi matt is ok now. Pristine was rushed to the hospital too yesterday. 41C of fever! imagine that. I almost had a heart attack when hubby called!

ZAM said...

i can understand your is such a worry-wart even with little much more when it concerns my son..

hope pristine is okay now..will pray for her..