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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Part 2: Etcetera (The ride home)

When I work AM shift, transportation is not much an issue as compared to working in the afternoon. I could always commute or drive to work in the morning (Oh well, I get to drive to the office when I work morning shifts but my father sits beside me all the time; and he brings the car back home). And going home by public transpo when my shift ends at 2PM is not much of a problem.

But when I work in the PM, transpo is one issue to be dealt with. Not to the office though. But from the office, after I logged off from the workplace. You see, I live in my parent's house which is some 15 km away from the workplace (with the office situated away from the main highway). Not tooooo far, but still far enough.

Granting that there is no outage (network trouble) during the shift, the earliest I could leave the office would be 10:01PM.

...if I take a public transpo:
By this time, waiting for a public transpo to take me to the main highway (where I would wait for a jeep to bring me to the next stop) would take about 20 minutes (if I’m lucky) or forever. The wait at the main highway would be shorter, like 10 minutes. But you know how public transpo works. They stop to pick up or even wait on passengers and you lose precious minutes on the way home. That would be 45minutes spent on the road before I get to my last stop, where I board another jeep to finally bring me home. Add an hour and 30mins with this last leg.

...if I take whatever company car is left in the parking lot:
Only accredited drivers can drive the company cars. Currently, my company status is still “buddy-driving.” Meaning, I get to drive only with an accredited driver beside me. And only within the city (which is really not my forte but that would be another story). So if I take a company car at home (if there’s one in the parking lot), this is just the same as signing my resignation. I am unwilling to break this policy yet.

..and then…
I don’t want to bother my father by asking him to pick me up (because he is already 64 yo and should be in bed getting his much needed rest at this hour). And I don’t bring our car (actually my brother’s) to the office with me (my father doesn’t allow me to drive alone; and I have no guts to drive alone yet).…
I am left to either commute or take a cab. Now, calling a cab saves me a lot of time. But time saved is inversely proportional to the cash I’ll be shelling out. The trip home (from the office) costs me way too much in the pocket.

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