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Friday, February 09, 2007

Rays of sun

It’s the 4th day since the onset of my son’s fever. He should have been showing other symptoms other than the beyond-the-normal-temperature. But there was none except for the hoarseness (in his voice). Again, no cough and colds. No rashes. He’s been eating and drinking milk like his usual self. And active as can be.

I had been so beside myself with worry. His father must have been anxious and worried too because he’s been sending me several email in a day. Nanay, tatay and my sister were so concerned.

I had been thinking of bringing Matt to the hospital to have some lab tests taken because I didn’t want to take chances. But this would mean that I would have to be absent from work again today (I was supposed to be in the office at 6AM). Guilt-stricken me felt so unprofessional because I knew they had to tap somebody else to replace me for this shift at a short notice, otherwise there’d be no one working during morning shift (since we are short of hands these days). But heck, my son needed me. The battle of priorities again. Between career and family responsibility, a debate was commencing in mind. But being a mother, the choice was pretty obvious. So in the wee hours of the morning today, I sent a message to our team leader and begged off from reporting for my shift.

So by 4PM today, we –accompanied by my parents- were in the hospital. Extracting blood sample from my son proved to be heartbreaking. He was kicking and crying non-stop all throughout the process. I had explained to him the procedure -- lancet and all -- prior to the actual extraction (as if it would make a difference..heheh).The urine collection was done without a hitch, although Matt complained a little when I was detaching the urine collector which was glued to his skin.

But getting lab samples is not nearly as difficult as giving him his meds. To give him meds, first, somebody has to hold him still, "manually strapping" both his arms and legs. And then someone also has to pry his mouth open while I carefully tip the meds. (But sometimes) In the end, he either spits them out or play gargle with them until they spill out of his mouth (he must have loved the sound he makes when he gargles them). And double this feat during night time when we had to wake him up for him to take the meds. Urghh.

Less than 45 minutes later, the results were already available. I scanned for familiar details and was quite relieved that urine and blood test results seemed okay. But no less than the doctor’s remark could satisfy me. Viral infection, lasting to about 5 days fever was all he said. But he advised to stop giving the anti-viral med Matt’s been taking since Monday and to continue the Paracetamol to control his fever.

Thanks be to GOD. From now on, I could at least give my mind a rest.

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