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Saturday, February 10, 2007

But then..

Matt’s fever was recurring every 4 hours last night. My mother and I alternately kept our watch over him. Sleepless, my mother was. The little sleep I got was because of her. I couldn’t have imagined getting by without her.

Sleepy as she is, she woke up this morning to prepare a decent breakfast for us all. As usual. And Matt, though still getting high temp, is his usual playful self.

He really could turn a room upside down in a jiffy. And yes, he enjoys this as much as it annoys me. These days, he loves to remove everything from their designated places - at least only those within his reach. He’d open our cabinet doors and pull down the clothes. Or would reach over the shelves and scatter the toys, papers, books..the list goes on. Sigh!

I woke up again this morning and found everything strewn in the floor. My dear son has unloaded the contents of our laundry basket. And among the clothes were toys, papers, books all over the place. Simply put, I found our room in complete disarray so early in the morning.

Thanks GOD that I won’t have to work today, being my day off.

(In shambles...)


1 comment:

grace said...

mao na major sa mga bata naids! messing things up (including daddy and mommy's sex life!! hahaha) and masteral nila, taking out tidied up things..they will it is their "obligation" to keep us crazy, err, busy diay!