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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Kitchen Solutions: How to remove sediments from a kettle/electric airpots (stainless steel-made)

I use cane vinegar (any brand will do) to remove sediments from our electric airpot. Here’s how:

1. Empty contents of your airpots/kettle.

2. Pour water in the pot and add a dose of vinegar.

(Proportion: ¼ vinegar for every 1 liter of water)

3. Set airpots/kettle to boil. Simmer for a few minutes.

4. Let it cool. You may also leave the solution overnight.

5. Pour out the mixture. Wash and rinse your kettle/airpot repeatedly to your satisfaction.

Viola! Gone are the whitish mineral deposits that has gahered in the surface.

Works wonders. Try this and you’ll see.

I have also read somewhere that calamansi or lemon will do the trick but I have yet to try this. You may opt for this and then let’s compare notes.


Stephanie said...

Vinegar is a wonderful cleaner. Thanks for the tip!

tegdirb92 said...

wow, thanks! I bet it would work on the coffee pot too.

HowToMe said...

Neat! Any ideas for cleaning the exterior? Maybe soaking them in a pot of vinegar and water? or wiping them with warm vinegar/water? Grease splatter on my tea pot urks me ;-)

ZAM said...

HowToMe: Yup, I read warm to hot vinegar + water solution can cut grease too. Or warm baking soda + lemon juice + soapy water solution may just be as useful..I have not tried it though.