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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Burst a bubble

We have been planning to unwind from our humdrum existence this coming March, when hubby gets home. And in time for our wedding anniversary. Actually, it is becoming a yearly “tradition” to take a break, go somewhere and chill come Marchtime (usually March but we had it in June last year simutaneous with my company's team celebration) .

Although we still have to agree where the destination is, I have been looking forward to this getaway. Excited, yes. Especially since I have entertained the prospect of bringing our son along.

But now, I believe we might postpone this. Reschedule to another day in another month. Hopefully, still within this year, because the possibility of moving the sked to next year is disheartening.

We really have no choice. Because if company sked would push through, I will be attending a training in Manila for 2 weeks instead!


grace said...

second honeymoon? maybe another baby project? hehehe

ZAM said...

ur online!

haha..demand is high for some quality time...

finished recopying the book yesterday, will send it this coming day off