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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Part 3: Etcetera (Kindness)

Kindness never fails to amaze me. And my officemates have been so kind and considerate to me. Some but not all..Heheh..Really. I mean, I could get bitchy with them sometimes but then… It really pays to be kind too.

All these years, they have become my friends, even more like brothers. These are the people who fill in your place when some emergency situation pops up and you find yourself unable to get to work. The ones who keep your ass covered and let you go home ahead of time because it is already raining hard or just because you might want to go home early (like during my breastfeeding days).

The very same people who are willing to drive me all the way home and then go back again, to the office or their home. And without me asking them (honestly, I would never ask) but they just offer. Such kindness!


Happy Valentine's to all!


grace f said...

basin naay crush sa imoha naids!

ZAM said...

nge...ila crush dri kai si chrissy moran man..knang model (a.k.a stripper sa internet)