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Sunday, February 18, 2007


I am wearing a new look today. I call it the modern-day ensemble of a battered woman. Sleeveless top, denim leggings and blue-black roundish marks all over my arms to complete the get-up. And off we go to the mall.

Bruises. I have these in my shoulders too (which will easily be concealed though) but these marks are bruises which I am not ashamed to flaunt, so to speak. I am bruised but not wounded. People could speculate as to why I have these but I couldn’t have cared less. These are bites (luckily, I suffered no serious cuts). Yes, human bites. Baby nips, care of my one-year-old son. My sister and parents are not spared too.

These days, Matt seems to get his kicks biting us (playfully) in selected body parts, unpredictably though (the other day he's trying to sink his teeth on my knee!).

Must be part of teething, they say.


grace f said...

biting is also a sign of frustration sometimes naids! check my friend's website:

his son, almost same age as matt is biting too and she is worried. I posted a comment on her page too.

ZAM said...

thanks 4d info..i read ur friend's blog..yup frustration may be 1 cause..
actually, it all started with nanay (nanny now to dear son after her retirement) ..
with nanay so ticklish (she'd giggle when matt takes a nip), matt must have taken the wrong impression..and when i got in the picture,he must have expected the same response, only to be disappointed. I have spoken to him though and i have given his teething toys back to him (which i already stored among old toys)..and I am seeing an improvement during my recent similar incident and am so glad...otherwise, he'll have his share of mama nips!