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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tech that rocks!

First there was the Internet. And then there's a thing called SMS (text messaging) in the mobile communication world.

Simply put, Internet is to computers; Voice call/SMS is to cellphone. Before. This still holds true, only there's something more now..

There's voice over IP (VOIP) where you can make calls through the internet. Plus, there's instant messaging, PC-to-PC and PC-to-phone alike.

Then, nowadays, phones can browse the internet too. And phones can read and send emails. (I used to do this when I cannot get hold of a computer to do these tasks, i.e. when I'm mobile -not in the office or at home).

And lately, e-mailing directly to a phone is already possible. (Note: dependent on phone capability and service availability with the cellular network provider).

Like in my case, my hubby sends me email straight to my phone (as in my mobile number as email address). No-- I don't need to access the internet through my phone. They (e-mails) just pop in my inbox the same way as SMS! And I can reply too (even can insert attachments). It works just like instant messaging. There's a hitch though, I cannot see an attachment in my end. I hope they can fix this bug in the future. But for now, I am just grateful for this little innovation.

With hubby thousand miles away abroad, I think this is the coolest and cheapest way we can communicate. Sans the PC. Anytime and anywhere.

Note: I am barred to make international calls since my phone credits are courtesy of the company I am working for =(

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