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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


If all these mails were true...

I would be in a Caribbean cruise,

Or sipping piñacolada while lazily lounging under the Hawaiian sun.


I wouldn’t be warming my butt on this gray office chair and monitoring cellular problems.


I would have millions of moolah to my name by now (and have a number of a Swiss bank in my phonebook :D).


But because these mails are hoax, I am right here sitting on this gray ergo seat and patiently deleting all of these.

And just dreaming.

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maiylah said...

wow ... ten (and more!) in a row? how come I have only gotten about three of those???!! all I'm getting are the viagra, the cialis, the "increase your size" stuffs ... sigh.
lucky you! LOL :D

i wish these spams are the edible kind, huh?! dami na siguro nating stock, huh?! hehehe

Maiylah's Snippets

WorksForMom said...

Oh my, you are so right Zam! IF ONLY! They get so old so quick.

lutchi said...

me too..I got thousands of spam emails every couple of days...How are you ZAM?

Melanie said...

If only all my spam emails were true too! I'd be living it up!

ZAM said...

@Maiylah: If these were edible, I guess I wouldn't do the grocery every week. And I wouldn't mind receiving lots everyday! :D.

@WFM: You bet they instantly get old!

@Lutchie: I'm good, thanks God.

@ Melanie: And they pour in like a flood!

@Everyone, thanks for the visit. I appreciate it a lot. GOD bless.