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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Post from the newest Postie!

Christmas season is fast approaching and I couldn’t help but think of what to give this Christmas.

Oh let’s not argue about commercialism in relation to Christmas this time. Maybe next time. Grin.

Have you made your gift list yet?

Me, I have not. I have not made my actual gift list yet, but I have been mentally making some notes and have been racking my brain for an appropriate gift to members of my family. Will I give a book, a gadget, a bag or clothes to them? I’ve also been thinking of the number of nieces, nephews and inaanak (godchildren) waiting in the sideline for some Christmas goodies. But for these kids, it’s fairly easy for me as I intend to give them either a book or something to wear. Ah, but there are also my friends whom I wanted to give tokens of appreciation for their love and all. What will I get for them? I really am not certain with that.

But what I’m certain at the moment is that I surely need some cash for all these gifts.

With that (or them) in mind, I’ve been looking opportunities to earn extra moolah. I've heard from friends who have earned much from the Internet and the name PayPerPost constantly pops up.

So, I have signed up for PayPerPost. And I’m crossing my fingers, hoping I’ll get additional cash for my next shopping trip.

How about you? Join me and try PayPerPost now.


Regina said...

I have a list, as a matter of fact I have a few lists, and a few catalogues with pages folded down of things I want to buy for family members.
Now, how much of this stuff will actually get bought is the question!
But it always works out no matter what we buy or don't buybecause we never lose sight of the real reason for our celebration, Jesus! for us what really matters is love, fun, & family.

Patriot said...

Hey! Just came across your comment on "Our Happy Happenings" post about toys made in China. I wanted to let you know about my blog - which is dedicated to finding high quality, American made products. I don't make any money off of this - just want to see more products made here, and thus more jobs staying here. I have listed the links to several great companies who still make toys, art supplies, etc., right here in the U.S. I also host a free giveaway every week. Come check it out! Thank you!

Yen said...

Yay! So, you joined PPP! Congrats:) And have fun!

Raquel said...

Let the money making online begin!

Melanie said...

I've thought about joining this too. You'll have to let us know how it goes and if it's worth it.