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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Help from CouponChief

I did mention in my previous post that because Christmas is just around the bend, I am trying to save all I can for the giftlist I still have to make.

This morning though, when I came across the online coupons from CouponChief, not only was I reminded of the list, I also found a wide array of good offers that could help manage the budget.

I have found interesting coupons there, like the Puma coupons that made me think of my father, who mentioned to me the other day something about a yellow shirt he wanted to buy. (Now, when I do find a yellow shirt for him, wouldn't it be cool to give my mother an identical shirt as well?)

Also, there are Converse coupons for those big Converse fans like my sister (and me). And how can I not mention the Body Shop deals I discovered? ;D

So go check the online coupons now. You or your pet, since they also have PETsMART coupons, might just be glad you checked.

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