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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Welcome Blogaholics!

DO you constantly think about blogging? Can't you keep away from blogging? Maybe you've become an addict. A blogging addict. Like me.

Some call it blogaholic (which makes me wonder if there's also a Blogaholic Anonymous somewhere around here). But how do you know if you truly are one?

You are a certified blogaholic...

…when you think of blogging all the time. Come hell and high waters, you still think about blogging.

…when you cannot stand the idea of an empty page or date skipping (of post). That really bothers you no end.

…when you spend most your Internet time reading blogs, commenting and writing your own post.

…when you are supposedly working on that memo the boss requested, but still. Or when coffee and lunch breaks are skipped are spent in a rush, so you’ll have lots of blogging time.

…when you are off to a vacation, you insist on bringing a laptop even when there’s already an excess of baggage. Or when you are on vacation with no access to Internet, you fret and fidget and get frustrated because you are unable to blog.

…if family members will instantly (and maybe in unison) give the “home but busy tweaking templates” answer everytime someone asks about you.

…when you are still glued to blogging even while your kid tries every tactic to get your attention. Okay, you’re stopping now because she’s tugging at your shirt already.

…when you find yourself mentally blogging while walking down a busy street. You are already mentally constructing sentences for your next post.

…if your partner will teasingly comment on the time you spend infront of the PC blogging. In fact, the casual greeting is slowly replaced by added with “So, how’s the blog?”

…when your partner has invited you, not once or twice or thrice but for the umpteenth time already, to go to bed yet here you are still tapping the keyboards, finishing a post.

…or when everyone is asleep, you sneak out of bed, stealthily tiptoe to your PC and softly tap on the keyboards. I can just imagine the resolute control you exert on your every movement so as not to make any sound, because you made it clear that no one should stay past their bedtime hah!

…when after ten sentences and you think you’re already done but you still keep going and going and going. Not to mention that you are still doing this in the wee hours of the morning.

...when you try, short of sticking toothpicks on your eyelids, to fight off sleep just to blog. You definitely must be sleep blogging already.

…if before closing your eyes, the last thing on your mind, is definitely blogging. You could be thinking what to right next or whether your recent post will make much impact on the readers.

…when for you, blogging has become synonymous to breathing

…when you are still reading this now, and smiling while doing so. Boy, you just can relate!

P.S. Please don’t worry, you are not alone.

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grace said...

You are actually describing me in all of these lines!!

beebuzz said...

hi! thanks for visiting my page!

I've just started blogging... still got a lot to learn about it though. Thanks for your descriptions, I now know that my aftershocks about blogging are normal.. lol... Have a great week ahead! God bless you!! =)

Melanie said...

Sure sounds like me! A while ago I wrote a post called "I Am A Blogaholic" You can check it out if you want to here

Great post- very funny!!

ZAM said...

I hope I did not offend anyone. Heheh. It's actually all about me. And I do feel that maybe there really is something wrong with me. But glad to know I have company. Hehehe.

Yen said...

OMG! I'm LOL'ing with this post! haha I like this one because I can relate!

…when you are still glued to blogging even while your kid tries every tactic to get your attention. Okay, you’re stopping now because he/she’s tugging at your shirt already.

Have a great day! :)

日月神教-任我行 said...