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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hairy days are here again

How fast time flies and it's September already. My favorite time of the year. Actually, it just starts from here and rolls until early January.

One reason is when the month ends "ber", I'm kind of reminded that Christmas is just around the bend. Thinking about (and anticipating of) the Yuletide Season never fails to bring "that anticipating" smile on my face and a childish sparkle in my eyes. BTW, I've heard few Christmas carols over the air few days back.

Another is, it is at this time of the year when my favorite tropical fruits come aplenty. Mangosteen. Jackfruit. Mangoes. Lanzones. Rambutans. And a lot more.

These are rambutans and I've been eating plenty of these these days. Hairy, spikey, succulent rambutans (the spikes are not sharp though). In Malay, the language of Malaysia where this fruit is widely known to have originated, rambut means hair. Thus, the name.

This fruit also goes by the name of
hairy cherry or hairy fruit. In Vietnam, they call it Chôm-Chôm. When the rind is ripped off, it will show a luscious whitish flesh which is distinctly sweet and juicy.

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angel said...

I love all these local fruits! And I learned something from you today... that lanzones are langsat! Is that in Tagalog?

Enjoy your rambutans! :)

ZAM said...

Angel, thanks for visiting. Langsat is still a borrowed Malay term.

Sandy Carlson said...

Very interesting! At first I thought they were black walnuts. Shows you what I know! Thanks for the education.

maiylah's snippets said...

i miss the marang ... :)

grace said...

Love those hairy fruits...hehehe. I miss rambutan! and marang and nangka...lanzones!!

Ana said...

Oh how I love jackfruit and mangoes! Reminds me of being back in the caribbean. I've never heard of rambutans or the others, but I'll bet they're yummy!