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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Not goodbye

It must have been there in my phone for so long already. T'was an SMS from a friend. She was asking me about the mechanics of an email time bomb. Specifically, how to plant it.

No, wait! *Hands in the air* I am not in the payroll of the Al Qaeda. Nor am I of violent nature. I am very much a peace-loving human being; I could even hardly harm a fly.

By email time bomb, I was only referring to an email that will be sent at a preset time - your chosen time.

Anyway, she was asking. And I very well know what that meant. I know, even without having seen the content, that the email was going to be a farewell of sorts. (I have yet to see it when I get back in the office)

But I'm aware that she and her family have already packed their bags for a big move. Few days from now, they will be moving out of this country to start anew in a new land. They will be flying off to foreign soil. Off to bigger opportunities. To a better life.

So... Sniff, sniff. But no. I'm truly happy for them. And I'll always remember...
Okay, I'm stopping myself right at this minute before I drown everyone in my melodrama.

But before that, I have to say
something (even if I'm not sure she's gonna read this but then I might just send her the link. No?). So... Mmmmm. Goodluck! I hope for the best for everyone in the family. We'll see you around.

There I finally said it. I am really not so good with goodbyes so there'd be none of that.

Her cute daughters, with Matt

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Ana said...

Awwww too cute, all of them! I'm so not good with goodbyes too. The great thing about technology is that there really doesn't have to be goodbye anymore with all the gadgets we have to keep in touch.

Joie said...

Hi there!

Bumped with your blog while browsing the net. Hope you could also join a community of women here:

You can share your thoughts, talk about sex, love, relationship, life and anything under the sun! And most especially, make friends to all women around the world.

See you there. :)