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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Shaking hands with Frustration

The beauty of this somewhat odd living arrangement I have with my BH is the fact that business trips could sometimes bring both of us together in each other’s arms. And all for free.

One unappealing part though is the chance that we would never see each other’s shadow despite being in the same town. Like what happened years back when he’d flown in from Japan and was waiting for another flight to take him to Cebu while 20-minute ride away, I was spending the night alone in a hotel room.

And it happened again few days ago. We both were on business trips. It was Sunday afternoon when a flight took me to Manila. That very same afternoon, but from a different origin, he also took a flight bound for the same destination.

So there we were just few minutes ride from each other; I, in a hotel room somewhere in the business capital of Manila and he, in his hotel room less than an hour ride away from me. As neither of us felt safe hopping on a taxi at night and taking a trip in a not-too-familiar city, we dejectedly remained where we were.

And at that moment, I came face to face with a buddy named Frustration.

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1 comment:

grace said...

That would be indeed frustrating! You should have been in one same hotel to cut company expenses! :-)