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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ice cream is hot

Banana Split. Coffee Crumble. Cookies ‘n Cream. Very Rocky Road. You’re right, these are yum, yum, yummy ice cream flavors.

I will not deny that, although I am trying to keep my sugar intake in moderation (but failing at times!), I love, love and simply love ice cream.

But who doesn’t? I have yet to meet a regular person that, without as much as a single thought, can resist the temptation of these heavenly melts-in-the-mouth goodies. Really.

But by regular person, I mean someone who is 2 year old and above. Because in reality, I already met a person whose mouth doesn’t water by the mere mention of ice cream. He is none other than my 22-month old son. No kidding.

Matt doesn’t like ice cream. He doesn’t scurry to get a spoon when he sees me produce a bucket. When I’d offer him some, he would only wrinkle his nose, turn his head away and say, “Hot.”

Oh, cute. Surely, it is hot! A hot seller!

But I have the feeling that that was not what he meant. But then I do not really know what he meant by that. What I do know is, he really would not take any of it. Not even when I bring a spoonful close to his mouth so he can readily taste its creamy goodness. I have practically tried all sorts of enticement (not that I encourage him to gorge on ice cream but just to test and see his reaction), but all resulted to the same response.

I am not half as concerned as I’m wondering.

Must he think these “hot” sellers are really hot, like soup is hot, because of the puffs of “smoke” that visibly waft from ice cream buckets? Or that an ice cream must feel hot (for him) because of the somewhat burning sensation caused by ice* when it hits the tongue? Other than these two theories, I am happily clueless.

Anyhow, it’s okay. It’s actually more than fine with me. If he won’t take any of it, that’s excellent. I just hope he won’t still do by the time he’s 5 years old and up. That would save us a lot of cash and dentist trips J

*My boy here doesn’t like ice either.

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Melanie said...

That is too funny!! Hailey just loves ice cream and says "Mmmmmm" when she sees it!

Maybe the cold hurts his mouth and for him saying "hot" means it hurts and he doesn't like it.

ZAM said...

I think so too. And maybe he is also associating "ice" with "getting hurt" because we use it all the time on bruises and bumps :-)

ZJ said...

Hi Zam... kakatuwa naman ang baby mo!
Btw, I linked you na rin. Salamat :D

ZAM said...

@ ZJ: Indeed, babies/kids are endless sources of surprises and joy.

grace said...

Pristine loves ice cream only if there are no peanuts or marshmallows or fruits in it. Just plain choc or vanilla.

I think Matt thinks it's hot because too cold things can actually "burn" your tongue. I can see that he has a point there. :-)

ZAM said...

Grace, maybe that's really it.

But just makes me smile when he always refers to it as hot.