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Friday, September 21, 2007

Thankful Thursday

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On my way to the office, I was thinking about what I should be writing in this TT post. I had few things in mind then. But these few things quickly evaporated before the car rolled to a halt in front of our office building.

Few comments from my passenger - who is also my father, did that. I will not say what these comments are but suffice to say that I honestly felt hurt. I know I must be scowling when I got in the office early this morning [and I’m just glad no one, maybe except the guards, saw the stormy look on my face then].

So hurt was I that as I opened my email, I was really ready to cry. But I did not. Actually, I forgot all about crying the moment I started reading the messages in my inbox. They were encouraging messages that help dispel the gloomy mood I was in. Thanks, thanks a lot. And thanks to my friends who sent the mails.

Later in the morning, I had this conversation with an officemate. We were having a casual chitchat about parenting when she said, “Good for you that you still have your parents to help you out... I don’t have that luxury…” That hit a chord. At a moment when I was feeling unhappy with my father, that really got me [and thanks to this officemate].

I was reminded once again of the value of maintaining good relationship with my folks. I was reminded of the unconditional love they’ve given us –their kids, of how they sacrificed their needs just so they could give us a better life.
I know they didn't have an easy life, what with five kids to take care of. But they are always there for each one of us.

Try as I might now, I couldn’t remember a time in my life when I needed them that they were not there. I really couldn’t imagine not having them around. They helped, guided and supported me.

I was able to celebrate my 30th birthday because they are instruments of my existence. After 3 decades, nothing has changed. They are still helping and supporting me every single day.

I’m really forever grateful to them. For everything I have now, it’s because of them. Oh yes! They are important. However hurt I may feel at the moment over some comments my father made, will not make him not less important (because he will always be). And I know those comments as before will soon be forgotten and will soon be a part of the past.

Okay, we may disagree and hurt each other at times. But whatever happens, it will never change the plain and simple truth that they are my parents and they are family, that they are part of me as I am part of them, and that they love me as much as I love them.

Of that, I’ll always feel blessed. And I am thankful. Nothing will ever change that.

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Yen said...

Beautiful post,Zam! Thanks for sharing:)

Jhoaniquing said...

nice should embrace your parents when you got home...happy TT!
mine is up too.

grace said...

I feel the sentiment!! I am going through the same with my father. It's just so mysterious why no matter their words hate us, we can't bring ourselves to hate them, permanently.

snippets said...

jhoaniquing's comment made me teary-eyed ...really. :)
same here, sometimes they say things which really hurt; but I think hearing it from another person, it won't hurt as much, huh? :)
it hurts twice as much because we value their opinions more ... well, just my two cents worth lang, ha! ;P
wonderful TT post, zam!

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing your heart. Your Father loves you dearly, I am praying for you. Be blessed.

Melanie said...

What a great post. We must really appreciate those we love. We have to make sure to do while they are still here with us, not just once they are gone. What a great reminder.

UKZoe said...

I so wish my mom was still here to be grateful for, but I am so thankful for the things I learnt from her.

ellen b said...

I'm glad you got to a place of healing with your thoughts about your dad. Parents are a blessing. God bless you...

Ana said...

Beautifully written Zam!

Lynn said...

Wow Zen,

I am undone reading how God worked in your heart today. Awesome. Thank you for sharing this with me. Love you, Lynn

Tiffany said...

Praise God you have such a strong support family unit! Funny how in those tough moments when our emotions are running high, God can use someone to intervene and turn our eyes off ourselves...beautiful post.

Stacy said...

Love how you layed this list out. It is such a blessing to have the support of parents. Treasure that always.

ZAM said...

Thanks everyone for dropping by. I do appreciate your comments.

And it's true, the people we love always have the power to hurt us as much because we value their opinions more.

eph2810 said...

Yes, sometimes there are hurtful words between loved ones, but like you said the love for each other covers it all.

Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us this week, despite the hurt you felt earlier.

Blessings to you and yours.

Training Hearts said...

Beautiful "Thankful" Thursday post!

Thanks for sharing!