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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Capital D

Been searching the net for the Episode 13 of Prison Break Season2, but for the life of me I couldn't find it. Yesterday, there was none. Today, nothing. Yeah, I've read about the synopsis and the viewer's comments and it's making me itch..I'm already itching to watch it.

It's not on youtube (the whole episode, I mean). Or anywhere else. There's one site, though, that says viewing for free but I couldn't download the file. What the heck.

Man, I'm half desperate. C'mon, gimme that file. Now.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Remembering Bohol

One fine summer (2006) , my hubby and I went to one of the places in the Phils where the beaches are oh so beautiful.

Clear skies. Blue waters. And the sand so fine and white. Bohol.

Stayed at Bohol Beach Club. Here are some of the pics we took.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Try this one

It’s my last day off for the week today and tomorrow, I’ll be going back to work. It’s just fitting that I treat myself to another evening of movie watching. Well, not really in the huge silverscreen as I was just in my sis room watching Lakehouse - a Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock starrer.

I will not give the details of the story but suffice to say that the plot touches on the issue of “another” dimension. A lovestory cut to hit the emotional chords of the audience. Attempting to. And plays tricks with the time element of each character’s lives.

I don’t know why, but I had this feeling that that the director/producer is only capitalizing too much on the Sandra-Keanu chemistry. That’s not a bad thing though because chemistry is important in every lovestory. But so is a good dialogue, sequence. Equally important, I think.

But then this is just my opinion, that’s all. Maybe amateurish. I’m far from writing a review. All in all, it’s not a bad movie. The fans and some viewers may not agree with me. (And the fans may hate me for this!) But I was just looking for the Meet-Joe-Black feel of it but found out that there was none.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


I made some time for myself in the evening to view the Prison Break Season 2 episodes, which my hubby copied for me. T’was a blast watching episodes 7 to 10. And I was so delighted to see Miller again.

Enamored me.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Hubby is earning plenty of bonus points these days. Last Nov 11, he took a qualifying exam for a position in a different company ( Co X). He was scheduled to have another exam last Monday Nov 13. Although he was preparing for the latter, he backed out at the last minute. No, not that he chickened-out. But because at the Co X, from his research, the December holidays are short. Shorter compared to what he is enjoying with his present employer (Co Y). At Co X, only the Christmas and New Year are non-working days. While in Co Y, days in between these days are also considered holidays. This means he can have a long vacation at home, which will be translated to longer time for his family. His only longer vacation in a year. Precious time he can spend with us. According to him.

He was a no-show @ Co X that day. But he showed me more than enough that we - Matt and -truly are important to him. Especially since he gave up the chance of getting the job – which is an enticing position (his words).

Plus, 500 points again! Clap, clap, clap!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pregnancy Online Class

Infanticipating mothers, hope you'll find this helpful.
See: www.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Remembering the time

Maybe this time

Looking back, at this day a year ago, I went through my morning walk just like any ordinary day. Apart from last night’s tightening of my belly muscles (enough to rob me some sleep), everything’s fine. Pain here and there. But it’s gone before I could finish counting up to ten. Few minutes later, it’s back. But the pain was manageable, nothing that I couldn’t handle. I was already spotting (blood), a result of the “tissue-stripping” performed on me by my OB during my last check-up (Saturday). I was already expecting this, thanks to my online pregnancy class! And boy was I so calm!

With my parents’ insistence, I was brought to the hospital at 3PM. Being a Sunday, my OB was not in the hospital. A not-so gentle resident doctor at the ER IE-ed me. Thanks GOD, she’s a "she." I cringed at the thought of a male DR performing an IE on me! My dilation was still at 2 cm so we asked if it’s okay to go home. In reality, I had wanted to go to the Mall but the resident DR advised me to stay put (as she’s coordinating with my OB ). Minutes passed, I was advised to be sent to the Labor Room and was given the option to climb the stairs myself or have somebody push me in a wheelchair. I said I’m fine [and that climbing the stairs was perfectly okay to me.]

The LR, where I was ushered was not so big; but it had 1 CR, an examination table, a bed and some tech to monitor the baby’s heartbeat etc... When I got there, I was made to wear a gown having this big slit at the back, making me feel a bit uneasy. I was not so keen on staying in the LR. First, because when we came, somebody in the LR was already writhing in pain, looking as if she’d collapse any minute. I got really scared just watching her. Second, the number of nurses in the LR bothered me. Too many, to my viewpoint.

When the OB came, she looked at our stats (we – me and that "writhing" girl- shared the same OB ). Obviously, that girl was far ahead in labor than I was because the OB said I could go back to my room in the hosp (not at home-lol) and that I could call the nurse if my labor pains get worse.

Since there’s no available private room for us, Mama and I spent our night at the OB ward. That night the pain didn’t get worse. Like last night, it would come and minutes later, would go away.

This is the day!

Morning of November 14, 2005, I was still feeling okay- a little anxious but still calm. Anxious because I really had no idea what MY labor would be like. Calm, because I knew I needed to be calm. A nervous wreck would be the last thing I should be, I counseled myself.

We – my mother and I -- walked around the hospital lobby early in the morning in the hope of advancing my labor. Still there’s no notable progress so Mama left for work when my father arrived in the hospital (hubby was an overnight trip by boat away).

It was at almost noontime when I was ushered to the LR again. I was still feeling okay, no “steady pain” felt. However, when an IV tube was inserted on my hand, I flinched ouch! That was painful! I had wanted to scream (That was my first IV ever, as far as I can recall).

"For what?" I had wanted but forgot to ask. Hours later, I became aware that I was “drugged”.

And later on I would know, what the drug was for - meds to induce my labor. For Christ sake, I wouldn’t want to be induced! I had wanted to have a drug-free labor, if possible. No sooner had I thought, Oh well, too late now than I was already feeling its effect by having contractions, though not much and not for long.

Noontime came and from the little breakfast that I’ve had, I could hear my stomach complaining. My father Papa had to buy arroz caldo to silence its demands. No solid food yet, advised the OB.

Little after noontime, I was IE-ed again. No big improvement.

Noting that there was little response with the drug, the OB ordered for my dosage to be increased. An hour later, my contractions were getting close at interval. And I was already getting the “pains” -- but the extent was still manageable.

About 3PM, because my progress is quite slow, my OB had to perform amniocentesis on me (to break my bag of water to hurry the labor).

Mama came to the hosp at about 4PM or so. With the increased dosage, I was already having real pain then but I kept it to myself. I was not shouting or crying, just acknowledging my pain in silence.

My bag of water broke and blood was trickling down on me. But I was so ready for all of these. I had anticipated more pain – I kept on expecting more and more and some more while remembering my yoga breathing exercise and the tips of my online class. I willed myself to stay calm because I am aware of the effect of fear to our organs. And I was at peace. I had never been calmer in my whole life. Mama, on the other hand, was a bundle of nerves and seeing her that way was making me uncomfortable so I asked her to just wait outside the LR.

Minutes after 5PM, I was feeling like moving my bowel again (earlier, I moved my bowel in the LR’s CR). Little did I know that this signals the later stage of labor (I must have missed this tiny but relevant detail in my online class). It was then that the attending midwife requested for a wheelchair, but instead a stretcher was sent for me. There was no time to ask questions.

As I was rushed to the delivery room (DR), it dawned on me that this must already be “it.” In one corner of the DR, I can hear my OB asking the midwife how far in labor was I. Vaguely, I heard say, “crowning”. Crowning in layman’s term means the head is already coming out.

Acting on an instinct, I could remember myself trying to make out the position I should be in the delivery bed. And I was already in the process of pushing when the OB advised me to relax and hold my breath for just a sec.

The next moment, she was already coaching me to push and I was already pushing hard. As far as I can remember, I only got to push thrice - the third time I pushed, my baby came out. My world came to a halt at that instant as I heaved a sigh of relief and whispered a prayer of thanks. While the word “mother” echoed in the far recesses of my mind, my baby was handed to me. “Welcome to this world” were the very first words I heard myself utter to my baby as I lovingly held him in my arms.

I couldn’t believe that after months and months of carrying a heavy and bulging tummy, here he is and I am holding him now. At last! I thought: I am a mother and I am this baby’s mother. It was a very tear-jerker moment. Just amazing. A moment of surreal quality.

And the next thing I knew, I was being stitched already (yes, I had an episiotomy and although I can clearly remember the feel of tissue tearing, I didn’t feel much pain while being slashed then. I must have been numb with all the emotions). But in my euphoric state of mind, I mumbled a request for an anesthesia (And to think I had wanted an all-natural delivery! LOL) but my OB only laughed and said “Do you think you need one?”

Days later, in the confines of my OB ’s clinic, I would know that I only had analgesia the entir time I was stitched. And if it were any consolation to my part, the OB said that my tolerance to pain is remarkable. [But then I think that pain must really be all in the mind. I hope I don’t sound smug, but then my mindset must have made the real difference.]

I just hope my recovery would be fairly easy too.

Friday, November 10, 2006


Been so busy lately. Ah, My son's birthday is coming real soon! Drafting invitation. Planning the contents of the loot bags. Cakes, balloons. Hotel reservation. Deciding on the entree and main course. And the likes! Arrghh!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hunting Jobs

I am so surprised to hear from my dear husband that he will be filing a half-day leave today to scout for jobs abroad. As a backgrounder, hubby rarely takes a leave, goes absent or comes to work late. He is the perfect example of a model employee. Swear. No kidding.

So I raised my eyebrow when he said he’ll take a leave on a Wednesday afternoon. And more so, because of that reason.

When asked why, he said he’d rather go than see me leave our son to work abroad. But whether he was only trying to impress or patronize me with the way he tackled my question with that reply, he earned a 200 bonus points there! Whatever, the reason, I am half-impressed anyway.

So off he goes; hopping from POEA to other agencies. Good luck to him!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Visiting MN

I wasn’t planning to take a leave when hubby is around but I think the situation calls for it. An exception to my rule, haha.

We, with Matt, visited MN today. Few times, I visited my in-laws alone. But mostly, we’d visit when hubby is at home. And most of these times, we leave our son with my parents. This time, I made it a point to tag our son along so MN can see him. Main reason, really. Rare chances. If this is all that we need to do to make her happy, then we will go.

MN was so only too happy to see Matt. And Matt was his playful self when we arrived. Even identified Lola (MN) immediately.

When it was time to go home, MN was saying her thank yous profusely. Emotional me was on the verge of crying too. Only that I was able to contain myself.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Not pleasant news

My mother in-law (MN) is diabetic and recently, she’s got complications with some of her vital organs, the liver and the pancreas.

From hubby’s look when he came home after accompanying her to the DR, I know the news must be unfavorable. He said it’s bad. The doctors said that from the lab results, she has barely a year to live. Six months, one said. So much medical lingo. But from what I gather her pancreas has nodules which may be cancerous; its ducts are already dilated. Consequently, this condition gives her a hard time from absorbing much needed nutrients and explains why she has lost so much weight. In fact, she’s so skinny now than she ever was seven months ago. Skin and eyes are yellowish. Leg cramps – the worst case, making her less mobile. Her abdominal area aches. Hollowed look. And the circles around her eyes must be indications of what she is going through everyday.

While listening to my husband talk about his mother, I know how painful this must be for him. Especially since he is so close to his mother. The mere fact that he used to sleep beside MN during his college years is proof enough of this relationship.

But he surmised, that it might be better when it is over and done with—soon. To spare her from more pain. To see him agonizing over MN’s impending death is heartbreaking. He cried and I felt his pain. And that very moment I wish there was something I could do or say to make the sad look in my husband’s eyes disappear.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Not just another day

I feel like a teenager. One happy teenager. Come now, isn’t it embarrassing? Almost 30 and still going gaga over somebody.

Uhm well, he’s not just somebody – he’s one cute actor from the series Prison Beak. Obviously not Brad Pitt this time.. It's Wellington Miller. Aww!

Hubby - while still in Cebu- told me that he was not able to copy the episodes of the Prison Break Season 2. I was so dismayed to hear that. Disappointed. Crestfallen. Because I have been looking forward to see Miller when hubby gets home. Huh?!

Oh well, I’m excited to see my dear husband when he comes home and all the more excited because I know he’d be bringing the copies. And I have been counting the days when hubby gets here (because he promised to bring them). But then he said, he wasn’t able to make copies and that he’s sorry. So there, forget it.

But, but, but…Yesterday, I was so surprised when he handed me CDs. Looks like, he must have forgotten all about it the very first day he arrived. But that’s okay. What matters most is that he kept his promise and that I have the copies in my possession! Haha! I watched few new episodes yesterday. And oh God, I’m so thrilled. Ecstatic. I’ll be having a date with Miller tonight, again.

Big thanks plus hugs to hubby --who has gone a lot of last-minute trouble just to copy those episodes for me! And the fact that he went to great lengths just so I can see the Prison Break won't go unnoticed. I really am so grateful and happy; hence, this blog entry.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sleepy thought

In the days that my husband will be home, I planned not to take a leave from my work. It will be better that way. He will have his bonding time with our son and I can save some VL days to be used later. Or have it converted to cash next year =).

So here I am, working. Morning shift again. And desperately trying to fight off the cloud of sleep that is still lingering in my head.

First-day-of-the-month high


After grabbing a pair of jeans, shirt and some toiletries, I was off to work @ 530AM. I am expected to be in the office @ 6AM today. Morning shit, err , shift, we call it. Unfortunately my login time reads LATE. Fortunately – I tried to console myself, I am just 6 or 7 mins late.

My hubby left a message in my phone which, in my hurry, I wasn’t able to read. He is expected to arrive today from Cebu and he is asking me if I can come in a little later in the morning or perhaps take a leave. Too late, I’m already in the office—trying hard to get rid of zzzzz thoughts.

Five days. Five glorious days when I can have an extra pair of hands to help me tend Matt. Who knows, maybe I’d get enough hours for myself –to visit a salon or watch movies. Heavens, I’m already dreaming!


I am off to meet my hubby somewhere. A rendezvous! Nah, you’re wrong, it’s not that. It’s my mother-in-law’s 57th birthday today and we’re heading to my hubby’s folks’ place.