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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hunting Jobs

I am so surprised to hear from my dear husband that he will be filing a half-day leave today to scout for jobs abroad. As a backgrounder, hubby rarely takes a leave, goes absent or comes to work late. He is the perfect example of a model employee. Swear. No kidding.

So I raised my eyebrow when he said he’ll take a leave on a Wednesday afternoon. And more so, because of that reason.

When asked why, he said he’d rather go than see me leave our son to work abroad. But whether he was only trying to impress or patronize me with the way he tackled my question with that reply, he earned a 200 bonus points there! Whatever, the reason, I am half-impressed anyway.

So off he goes; hopping from POEA to other agencies. Good luck to him!

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