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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Not pleasant news

My mother in-law (MN) is diabetic and recently, she’s got complications with some of her vital organs, the liver and the pancreas.

From hubby’s look when he came home after accompanying her to the DR, I know the news must be unfavorable. He said it’s bad. The doctors said that from the lab results, she has barely a year to live. Six months, one said. So much medical lingo. But from what I gather her pancreas has nodules which may be cancerous; its ducts are already dilated. Consequently, this condition gives her a hard time from absorbing much needed nutrients and explains why she has lost so much weight. In fact, she’s so skinny now than she ever was seven months ago. Skin and eyes are yellowish. Leg cramps – the worst case, making her less mobile. Her abdominal area aches. Hollowed look. And the circles around her eyes must be indications of what she is going through everyday.

While listening to my husband talk about his mother, I know how painful this must be for him. Especially since he is so close to his mother. The mere fact that he used to sleep beside MN during his college years is proof enough of this relationship.

But he surmised, that it might be better when it is over and done with—soon. To spare her from more pain. To see him agonizing over MN’s impending death is heartbreaking. He cried and I felt his pain. And that very moment I wish there was something I could do or say to make the sad look in my husband’s eyes disappear.

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