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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Not just another day

I feel like a teenager. One happy teenager. Come now, isn’t it embarrassing? Almost 30 and still going gaga over somebody.

Uhm well, he’s not just somebody – he’s one cute actor from the series Prison Beak. Obviously not Brad Pitt this time.. It's Wellington Miller. Aww!

Hubby - while still in Cebu- told me that he was not able to copy the episodes of the Prison Break Season 2. I was so dismayed to hear that. Disappointed. Crestfallen. Because I have been looking forward to see Miller when hubby gets home. Huh?!

Oh well, I’m excited to see my dear husband when he comes home and all the more excited because I know he’d be bringing the copies. And I have been counting the days when hubby gets here (because he promised to bring them). But then he said, he wasn’t able to make copies and that he’s sorry. So there, forget it.

But, but, but…Yesterday, I was so surprised when he handed me CDs. Looks like, he must have forgotten all about it the very first day he arrived. But that’s okay. What matters most is that he kept his promise and that I have the copies in my possession! Haha! I watched few new episodes yesterday. And oh God, I’m so thrilled. Ecstatic. I’ll be having a date with Miller tonight, again.

Big thanks plus hugs to hubby --who has gone a lot of last-minute trouble just to copy those episodes for me! And the fact that he went to great lengths just so I can see the Prison Break won't go unnoticed. I really am so grateful and happy; hence, this blog entry.

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