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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Hubby is earning plenty of bonus points these days. Last Nov 11, he took a qualifying exam for a position in a different company ( Co X). He was scheduled to have another exam last Monday Nov 13. Although he was preparing for the latter, he backed out at the last minute. No, not that he chickened-out. But because at the Co X, from his research, the December holidays are short. Shorter compared to what he is enjoying with his present employer (Co Y). At Co X, only the Christmas and New Year are non-working days. While in Co Y, days in between these days are also considered holidays. This means he can have a long vacation at home, which will be translated to longer time for his family. His only longer vacation in a year. Precious time he can spend with us. According to him.

He was a no-show @ Co X that day. But he showed me more than enough that we - Matt and -truly are important to him. Especially since he gave up the chance of getting the job – which is an enticing position (his words).

Plus, 500 points again! Clap, clap, clap!

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