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Thursday, November 02, 2006

First-day-of-the-month high


After grabbing a pair of jeans, shirt and some toiletries, I was off to work @ 530AM. I am expected to be in the office @ 6AM today. Morning shit, err , shift, we call it. Unfortunately my login time reads LATE. Fortunately – I tried to console myself, I am just 6 or 7 mins late.

My hubby left a message in my phone which, in my hurry, I wasn’t able to read. He is expected to arrive today from Cebu and he is asking me if I can come in a little later in the morning or perhaps take a leave. Too late, I’m already in the office—trying hard to get rid of zzzzz thoughts.

Five days. Five glorious days when I can have an extra pair of hands to help me tend Matt. Who knows, maybe I’d get enough hours for myself –to visit a salon or watch movies. Heavens, I’m already dreaming!


I am off to meet my hubby somewhere. A rendezvous! Nah, you’re wrong, it’s not that. It’s my mother-in-law’s 57th birthday today and we’re heading to my hubby’s folks’ place.

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