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Thursday, December 07, 2006

What's in the box

The Balikbayan package, which my sister sent and one that we've all been waiting for, came at last.

Clothes, mostly for me and my other sis. Polos for Papa. Shoes, for the three of us--Mama, my sis and me (but all ended up to be Mama's..hehehe). Wallets, again for the three of us. Toys for my son. Home decors. Toilettries, for everybody. DVDs.

Wines. Rice. And chocolates - loads of it.

My sister, she must have been hoarding these thing all this time. LOL..And the extravagance. She has sent us twice this year! Not that I am complaining, far from it. In fact, we are all soooo grateful for all her gifts because she always put an effort to include everybody (well not everybody but immediate family and some close relatives, I mean). Really. I'm just amazed at the things she bought for us. And she never forgets to send something for her nephews and neices, as well.

When I think about, she can very well do so and not spare a thought about it. She can afford the luxury of shopping for her kinsmen because she's still single and is not supporting anyone but herself. (Which is something I cannot say for myself.. lol)

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