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Saturday, December 16, 2006


I woke up early in the morning with a message on my mobile already waiting for me. My sister- in- law said MN is already so weak.

I took a hurried bath and finished my breakfast as fast as I could. I was already in the city, when my sis-in-law texted me again saying that they are bringing MN to the hospital.

I arrived in the hospital ER to find MN lying in a stretcher. Skinny, yellowed and weak. Vital signs were no longer favorable : BP and glucose count were too low.

My father in law was already by her side.

I was beginning to worry as I stare at her wasted condition. I must admit that I am not so comfortable looking at her, wincing and writhing in pain. I feel so sad thinking of the woman she’s once been- robust, healthy and beautiful.

Few minutes later, her doctor spoke to Joy and me. His news is not pleasant either, as expected. MN’s health is rapidly deteriorating. He’s suspecting an infection in the lung (causing her breathing difficulty) that’s why he’s recommending an X-Ray exam for her.

Before she was ushered in the X-Ray Room, I saw her vomiting/spitting (blood) and alarm bells rang in my head. I asked to take a leave to get some money in the bank.

When I came back, I also brought Coke in cans and M&Ms for MN (she might need these to get her sugar at a normal level).

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